Friday, March 12, 2010


Hi, thought I'd, possibly inadvisably, throw up a link to a very incomplete sort of web-siteish documentation of the project I am working on. Basically, I've been wanting to try and learn how to make a website for a little while and this seemed like a decent excuse to run into the old learning curve, my old nemesis. Stay tuned, or not, for updates. Thnkas -


  1. Very cool!
    It looks really good so far.

    Are you coding it by hand?? ('cause the code looks really good)

    If you want to learn more XHTML/CSS, check out the World Wide Web Committee (W3C) 's tutorials -- they are super-easy and super-helpful:

    Seriously, they walk you through the whole thing, piece by piece, so they're really nice.
    Hope this is helpful on some level ;P
    - Joseph