Friday, March 5, 2010

solar charger box

Well today was the last day of class... Monday we will have the big "show and tell" about our projects, so I didn't want to let the cat outside of the box, so to say. But I did clean up the box a little bit though. I used instant coffee and butter, and I think the appearance is a little bit more appealing if I do say so myself. One reason why I decided to make this box is to save money; and I did a little math (that’s what the adding machine on top of the box is forJ)!!! So I went to a website called and if you at least buy 40 but less than 199 AA batteries you can buy DURACELL ® ALKALINE BATTERY @ .50¢ a pop. I purchased eight Nickel-metal-hydride batteries instead for 19.99 brand spanking new. These things really kick some ass or at least some of my electronic stuff; for the first time I think I had ask for a “little less power please”. The solution to this problem is to have two different types of batteries, the less powerful Nickel-Cadmium, and the holy-moley Ni-MH (they seem just as good if not better than alkalines. The container says I can charge each one 1000 times (the more powerful ones). And I had purchased a patio solar-charging unit for 20 bucks too. I guess this puts this project @ 40 dollars invested. And if I only use this for AA batteries alone, I should save about 4000 dollars (American greenbacks baby)!!! Not half bad huh??? For 40 dollars I have this machine, everything else was given to me like the 1sqft of seven layer plywood, brand new from our esteemed leader himself, Zack Springer to everything else that I took apart to get to the insides. I’m going to pat myself on the back now, take care, Matthew.

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