Friday, January 8, 2010


Here is a drawing of what we are going to start working on Friday.

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  1. Well I most likely am not doing this correctly but I thought the assignment was to find a couple of instructables that might be fun to work on. USB (computer dc) many of my devices require a limited amount of power and those boxes one plugs into the wall at your house or mine converts alternating current (household current) to direct current (battery power) the only problem is most people do not unplug their transformers( the thing that converts ac to dc) when they are done. But also would like to become a field biologist and it probably would be wise to come up with a couple of energy sources; mechanical, chemical and electrical hopefully I would not have to follow someone’s plans to the letter; mainly cause I would like to purchase supplies haphazardly inn order to save money. Well after the instuctables tell you to use apple stuff but I will use a ten dollar cell phone and a twenty dollar mp3 player that way when I am done destroying things I will not have to cry for very long.