Friday, January 15, 2010


a couple interesting projects:

- a small scale vertical axis wind turbine - - could you mount a couple of these to the front of your tank like bicycle and get some good charging time in on yr morning commute/ ride wherever?

-i too would like to be able to recharge batteries while riding a bike, then use them to charge a usb device, there are a lot of designs out there, and probably a bit of trial and error and learning curving, etc,etc, etc .. this guy appears to have designed a couple bike charging methods, then combined with something like mintyboost to usb.

- not strictly alt energy related...BUT if i could spend some time learning about small scale aquaculture, figure out what the hell hydroponics is, and figure out some nice well-designed, inobtrusive way to get more growing plants indoors (hanging from flourescent lights that are on all the time...etc,, biological graffiti, in blandish urban places, i'd be happy.

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