Friday, January 15, 2010


I would love to make a usb solarpowered power source… I have the feeling that in my chosen career path; many times I will be camping in the woods away from any conventional power source. No, not a terrorist but a field biologist in case you think I am a dangerous nut or something. Here is the link to the instuctables project that gave me inspiration of course I will be modifying this project big time, as I build it and I will be blogging about all of my adventures (or misadventures) in making this project; but already I will be replacing the solar panel from radio shack part #277-1205 1.28” inches square to a panel that is roughly one square foot (about ten times larger). So on Tuesday or Wednesday when I get the solar panel in the mail, I will start to look at the power output because I will want to match it up with regular USB power output, then with any leftover power, I might want to store in a battery or something so I can listen to my music late at night too. Matthew

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