Friday, January 22, 2010

project usb

Project update for solar powered USB charger project… I received my solar panel Wednesday and it is half the size as I thought it was going to be but luckily I usually go for overkill and hear in the land of northwest moss and rain even a half a foot should be enough now I want to get some of the electric guts that I will need to make sure my phone will like the power that my project kicks out I just fried one of my cell phones messing around without waiting for necessary parts first… oh well I knew I was going to be destroying stuff right and left so I didn’t cry for too long. Also I will be putting in the order tonight for the “guts” that I will need (instead of buying a lot of single electrical parts I like to buy something that might have the parts what for less $$$$) then strip those parts out. That rebuild center was great and it was a lot like Free Geek (where I volunteer from time to time, so it was cool when Zach said we could earn extra credit for volunteering there) at the Rebuild Center!!! Matthew

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