Thursday, February 18, 2010

How things are going...

ok so I know some of you are probably wondering how my oven progress is going. First I have to say that all the "prep" work has been the hardest part so far! But doing it all by myself is rewarding and I am learning how to my tools better each day. The weather lately has been great, allowing me to spend most days outside digging a level surface to place the oven. Since I am incorporating this oven into an overall backyard re-design, I made the half circle area around 12ft in diameter. Below are a bunch of sketchs, and pictures of my work so far.

First I dug out and layed the pavers next to my back door. The area before was completely muddy and made it really hard to go back and forth on. The six square blocks on the outside are going to be replace with the glass blocks that will be lit up from my SOLAR PANEL! yey. I am also putting in some stairs there to get up to the back yard area.

The area where the oven/ firepit will be.

Today I am finishing leveling the surface. Tomorrow I am pouring the concrete slab that will go under my oven and act as the foundational support.

Next Saturday the 27th I want to invite everyone over to my house (SE off of Milwaukie). We can finish the oven ( apply the cob layers ) and fire it up for some food and drinks...

hopefully it will look as nice as this one!

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  1. Or maybe we could do it next Friday the 26th during and after class if that works?