Monday, February 8, 2010

skippin class

Well this has nothing to do with my usb and cell phone solar charger that I am going to try to build, but I decided to let everyone know of an art lecture I attended in lieu of a biology lesson. Most Monday nights in Shattuck Hall Annex at 7:30 an artist will conduct a lecture for free, open to the general public; even you! Normally I'm in class but tonight I went to a lecture conducted by Paul Ramírez Jonas from Honduras.

He started his lecture showing a statue of a brass man on top a horse surrounded by real live soldiers. Then Paul Ramírez Jonas let us know that the brass man was the town hero from where Mr. Jonas was from; so when Paul Ramírez Jonas let us know that his fellow countryman assassinated their hero I instantly thought this was going to be an interesting and funny lecture. Paul Ramírez Jonas made me think of politicians politics and their audiences in a whole new light… oh yea he even talked about art!


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  1. Expand on the lecture more and I will give you the extra credit points.