Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well I had surgery over the weekend, but you know what they say... what does not kill you, only makes you stranger. So it’s all good!!! I finished the box for the unit I will be using; as soon as I find a computer with an SD card reader on campus, I will transfer photos of it to this blog site. Now comes the fun stuff... I get to play with lots of wires and stuff, this thing is going to be pretty interesting looking due to fact that I have been cannibalizing a lot of my electrical stuff. So when I'm done this thing it might look like kin of Frankenstein. One things for sure... I am tired of calling it "it", so I will have to come up with a name soon. Well I need to get my sleep, so I will blog again tomorrow after I mess with the innards. Thanks for reading, chow. Matthew

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