Sunday, February 7, 2010

solar powered usb project

Well I have gotten all of the stuff I need for my solar powered usb and cell phone charger that I intend to pack off into the woods yet still be able to use my stuff without house hold current… and I am pretty excited. Even though I haven’t hardwired everything yet I was able to find out thru a series of just holding wires to the different things; I noticed everything is going to work. I was able to make sure the solar panel can charge the nicads (nickel cadmium 600 ahamp) the cell phone will take a charge from the Turbo Charger, the turbo charger is happy with the three nicads as a power source (which is what is going to power my cell phone). So long story everything is going to work. Now I need to start thinking of some sort of pretty box to put everything in. And ps if you have an apple phone ,Turbo Charger has an apple version (apple phones tend to be picky on non apple products; I think they want you to go to the apple store)! See yall in class Matt.

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